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Internet, Internet, Internet! Where would we be without it and what new things can we do with it? Well, one of the things we American voice over talents can do much easier now is advertise ourselves internationally.With its global reach, the Internet gives us the opportunity to branch out and communicate on a level never seen before in history. We can now promote our American voiceover skills to potential customers around the world in such places as the UK, France, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands (Holland), China, Japan, India & Dubai, Turkey, Australia, Mexico, Brazil and Africa, but watch out! Itís not something youíll want to jump into blind-folded.
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The first thing to consider is, can you deliver American voice over artist products in other languages? If you can, youíve got a head start above the rest. You can advertise for voice over services in multiple languages to multiple countries, thereby expanding your business exponentially. However, if all you speak is American English, you still have a good shot at getting international voice over clients. The saving grace is that English is so widely spoken, there are companies in several countries that are seeking narrators and announcers with American accents. Good, but how do you get your message to them?
Use the Internet to seek out businesses in other countries that may have use for a voice talent with an American accent. There are many Americans and English-speaking people living or working in different places around the planet and foreign companies need to reach them as well. Email them your voice over demo and follow up to see if they can use you. Create websites for your voice services in other countries.
Yes, the Internet is a great tool for American voice talents, but like any other, it takes practice and research to handle it in a profitable way, particularly for voice over professionals.
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